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Dear reader, my name is Mari and I'm Kuarashí´s founder. I am very grateful for you being visiting this space I have reserved to tell a little bit of our history ❤︎

Kuarashí is one of the variations for the Sun name, in Brazilian Indigenous dialect. We are a Slow Fashion & Eco-friendly clothing brand. More than a brand, Kuarashí is a purpose. A life purpose outlined based on values ​​and ideals that seek a new tomorrow for Gaia.


We are committed to practices that aim the lowest possible impact on the environment, including the use of only certified ecological materials and the non-generation of textile waste. Our mission is to bring for you all the innovations in the Sustainable Fashion World. Our trajectory started with the desire of change and the commitment to co-create a New Era.


Since I was very little I always carried an immense love, care, and zeal for nature. That's how my entire academic career ended up being based on areas related to the Environment and Environmental Education (Environmental Engineering, Master in Organic Agriculture, Permaculture, Bioconstruction, Biocosmetics, Montessori Education, and Waldorf Pedagogy). As a teenager, I dreamed in develop my own project, so right after finishing a Biocosmetic course I decided to start my natural cosmetics brand. At that same moment, I connected for the first time with the Biodegradable textiles concept. Even though I have never worked with anything related to the fashion world, I was so much inspired by this sustainable alternative to the point of feeling a strong call to develop a project about it. That's how in 2015 the first sketch of what would become Kuarashí was born. After a long research period, extensive planning and preparation for the necessary investments, Kuarashí was created in Portugal, where I was living at that moment - in parallel with the creation of the company by my mother in Brazil and the start of our first production there.

Our production is 100% Brazilian and our distribution is worldwide.

In Brazil we are in Curitiba, where it´s located our production atelier.

In the Netherlands we are in Amsterdam, where we have the creative atelier.


Want to know more about Kuarashí? Get in touch and let's have a chat!

Welcome to our Tribe  ❤︎

 Our History 

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