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Kuarashí was born through the discovery of biodegradable textiles, an incredible technology that allows clothing to decompose quickly after its correct disposal in landfills. We are very grateful for the possibility of working with these fabrics, as they accelerate the decomposition that takes at least 50 years in conventional textiles. After the correct disposal in landfill, 50% of our biodegradable fabrics naturally decomposes in the first 12 months, and the remaining 50% during the next 24 months, what means a fully fabric decomposion in only 3 years.

With an unrivaled softness and comfort, our biodegradable fabrics brings to you an unique dressing experience, similar to the feeling of being naked.

In addition to its biodegradability itself, they are also considered sustainable because their production, which is based in an innovative concept of "CO2 control production chain”, resulting in 0% CO2 emissions to the atmosphere during the entire production process. Complementing this environmental control, its production chain has a sustainable use of industrial water, making use of only reused water and thus avoiding the unnecessary consumption of potable water.

Our amazing biodegradable fabrics also have a technology to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and the consequent bad odor in the human body. This odor control allows a decrease in the need for washing, consuming much less water and less energy during its years of use. Thinking that small daily attitudes, such as the maintenance of clothes (washing or ironing), are also common actions that emit CO2 into the atmosphere, these fabrics were developed to eliminate the need to iron clothes, contributing, once again, to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. And the best part, this technology is directly present in the threads, not getting lost during washings.

Its manufacturer has several ecological certifications around the world, established in recognition of its constant effort and work in green technologies research and development while combating the greenhouse effect. Certified by the Oeko-Tex®️, an internationally recognized audit that attests to the absolute absence of toxic or harmful products to the human skin, our fabrics contain solar protection 50 or 80UPF+.

Some of our biodegradable fabrics have other innovative technologies which promote benefits, such as the fabric used to produce our beach blankets, which is repellent against mosquitoes (including the mosquito Aedes aegypti, vector of diseases such as dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya). Some also offer the possibility of multifunctional and well-being uses for the human daily routines, as our leggings fabrics which contains infrared rays technology, with incredible results such as better skin thermoregulation, reduction of cellulite appearance, faster muscle recovery, among many others. 

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