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We produce from fabrics that besides their high durability, have been created to minimise the environmental impact of small daily activities such as clothing maintenance. Cause common actions like washing or ironing clothes also emit CO2 to the atmosphere. To minimise these emissions, our fabrics are manufactured with the following characteristics: 


❤︎ Our biodegradable fabrics are manufactured with a technology that inhibits bacterial proliferation and the consequent bad odour in human bodies. This odour control allows a reduction in the need for washing, consuming much less water and energy during its years of use. The best thing is that this technology is present directly in the threads, not being lost during washings;

❤︎ They do not crease easily, eliminating the need for ironing.

Our clothing is made with the purpose of being with you for many years to come. We want to help you with some maintenance tips to maximise the life of your clothes:

❤︎ We recommend only hand washings, preferably with neutral soap and shade drying. Washing and drying machines are not recommended since they reduce the fabrics' lifetime and the color vibrancy of prints - whether these fabrics are sustainable or not; 

❤︎ After natural drying of swimming garments with seawater or chlorine from swimming pools, we recommend that these items should not be left for more than 24 hours without soaking in freshwater; 

❤︎ When traveling, hand washing can become an obstacle to maintaining the care of your clothes, don't worry: a simple hand wash with water and soap in the bathroom sink is enough to leave your clothes clean and ready for another adventure. 

Do you have any questions? 

Please reach out to us through our Live Chat or Email: 

 Care & Maintenance 

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