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Hemp is a natural and sustainable raw material that has a rustic look. Obtained through the stem of the Cannabis ruderallis plant, internationally it is more commonly known as HEMP 🌱



Biodegradable and also compostable, Hemp fiber is recognized as the strongest natural fiber found in nature. Indeed, many also consider it to be the most sustainable natural fiber, as it serves as a raw material for the production of an endless variety of products and subproducts.



Unfortunately there is still a lot of public prejudice and misinformation around the world concerning Cannabis plants and its cultivation. For this reason in many countries the manufacture and use of Hemp as a raw material is still practically non-existent, as is the case of Brazil.



We are very happy and honoured to produce clothing from this fiber and be able to bring this very special sustainable alternative to our clients, we hope to be contributing for a better knowledge about Hemp and a greater respect for its cultivation and use.



Visit our Hemp products page by clicking here, soon we will be launching many more new products ❤︎ 

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