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 Other Materials 

The materials used in our production are 100% sustainable and manufactured with innovative technologies based on excellent environmental practices. In addition to our beloved and special sustainable fabrics, other eco materials complement the manufacture of our products, enabling us to have a 100% ecofriendly production ❤︎


The bags that come with our products are 100% handmade and produced from jute, an ancestral material, both biodegradable and compostable. We also produce bags from fabric scraps reused from our own production ❤︎


Our business cards and tags are handmade and produced from banana fibers mixed with recycled paper embedded with seeds. They are available in different cultivars, chosen according to the season and ready to be planted by our customers ❤︎


The yarns used to sew our products are made from recycled PET bottles ❤︎


As you can see through our social media accounts, we have an enormous diversity of prints, all of them protected by copyright. Some are authorial creations, which means, designed by us, others are licensed through partnerships with artists friends, or designers. The printing process is 100% done in our production atelier in Brazil, with ecological water-based ink and by the hands of my mother, Ana, and my godmother, Celinha ❤︎

Protetores Higiênicos

We send biodegradable hygienic protectors with our products, enabling our customers to try on our underwear and/or swimwear pieces with total safety and comfort ❤︎

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