🐅Year of the TIGER 🐅 Capsule Collection by Kuarashí ECO 🐅


Amur ECOleggings 


♻︎ Certified Biodegradable Fabric (biodegradability after landfill disposal)

☀︎ UPF 80+ Solar Protection 

𓃬 Unique Kuarashí ECO Tiger print, printed by us with love

❤︎ Familiar production, heartmade by women's hands!



✧ Customise your ECOleggings ✧


- This ECOleggings can be produced with other prints from our portfolio 

- This ECOleggings can be produced in other sizes 

- Other Kuarashí clothing models can be produced with the Amur print



✺  Customise your ECOleggings by visiting our Made to Order page for this product at:  https://www.kuarashieco.com/product/amur-ecoleggings-1  ✺

Amur ECOleggings