Baraka is an ancient Sufi word, translated as a blessing or as the "essence of life" from which the evolutionary process unfolds ❤︎


♻︎ Heartmade from Certified Biodegradable Fabric (biodegradability after landfill disposal)
☀︎ UPF80+ Solar Protection
❤︎ Familiar production, homemade by women's hands!

ʚїɞ Unique Kuarashí ECO print





We have the possibility to produce with two versions of the biodegradable fabric:


- Comfy 11: extremely comfortable, wearing sensation close to nudity. Technological biodegradable fabric produced from intelligent yarns that absorbs body heat and returns it as infrared rays to the skin, promoting benefits with permanent effects. Suitable for all occasions (including physical activities)


- Cycling 22: more embodied fabric, similar to cycling apparel. Suitable for physical activities in general


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- This ECObells model can be produced with other prints of our portfolio 

- Other Kuarashí ECOwear models can be produced with the Baraka print


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Baraka ECObells