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Biodegradable and also compostable, Hemp fiber is recognized as the strongest natural fiber found in nature. Indeed, many also consider it to be the most sustainable natural fiber, as it serves as a raw material for the production of an endless variety of products and subproducts


♻︎ Biodegradable & Compostable 

♻︎ Pocket and straps in biodegradable fabric printed by us with the "Mind Tree" artwork (creation of the visionary artist Pineal Visions) 
☀︎ UV80+ solar protection technology



✧ Custom Orders ✧


- Hemp fabric is available in other colors [Earth, Raw, and White]

- Pocket and straps can be printed in other arts

- Possibility to be produced in the long jumpsuit version


✺ Customise your order by the customisation box or through the live chat ✺



✧ Sizes ✧


- Use the size selection box to indicate your chosen size

- For sizes not listed select "Other Sizes" and enter your desired one in the customisation box

Short Jumpsuit in Hemp - Made To Order