❤︎ Happy Portal 2:2 ❤︎ Happy Iemanjá Day  ❤︎


We cannot be happier by launching the Metamorphosis Collection in a such special day as today! 


This collection is the biggest and the most important we did so far, due to many reasons & syncronicities. We have been working almost a year in the creations you will start to see from today, and they definetely will be an important mark in the evolution we have been experiencing over the past months and years as an ECObrand. We will talk more about those points in the next posts.

For now, prepare yourselves: it´s a hudge collection ❤︎ 


Nothing better than start this lauching with our highlight piece, which is acctually done since a very long time, just waiting for the rest of the collection be ready, and  of course, for its wonderful shooting days ❤︎


ʚїɞ Welcome to Metamorphosis Collection ༊ 



Methamorphosis ECOtrikini - Dark Awara Print


♻︎ Certified Biodegradable Fabric (biodegradability after landfill disposal)

☀︎ UPF 50+ Solar Protection 

☯︎ Double Sided

ღ Tanga bottom coverage (product photo)
❤︎ Familiar production, heartmade by women's hands!





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- This ECOtrikini can be produced with other prints from our portfolio 

- Other Kuarashí clothing models can be produced with the Dark Awara print


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Metamorphosis ECOtrikini - Dark Awara

PriceFrom €75.00