The geometric pattern of Sinergia artwork is a registered trademark of the Brazilian artist Murilo Cenovicz (aka Sinergia) and was licensed to be printed by Kuarashí ECO. Part of the sale value of the products with this print is benefited to the artist. By buying this ECObody you will be also contributing to another project besides ours ✨ We are grateful ✨



♻︎ Biodegradable fabric within 36 months after landfill disposal

☀︎ UPF 80+ or 50+ Solar Protection

☯︎ Double Sided

ღ Medium bottom coverage (product photo)
❤︎ Unique Sinergia Art optical design, printed by us with love! 





We have the possibility to produce with two versions of the biodegradable fabric:


- Pluma 11: lighter version, close to nude feeling

- Sustenta 22: a more embodied option that allows greater breast and butt support, more suitable for full breasts


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- This ECObody model can be produced with other prints of our portfolio 

- Other Kuarashí ECOwear models can be produced with the Sinergia print


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Sinergia ECObody B&W