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Kuarashí produces with love, in a familiar environment ❤︎ 



We produce quality products, made to be part of your life for many years. Quality and durability guaranteed on your body and in your wardrobe until whenever you want, because for us the concept of durability is a very attractive factor. We seek to develop clothing that is not only sustainable through the use of ecological fabrics themselves, but that also lasts longer and can be recycled, donated, resold, etc., until definitively their use be no longer possible by you. When the time comes and is really its discard moment, don't worry: most of our fabrics are biodegradable or compostable in a short period of time ❤︎


Our creations are authorial, timeless and artisanally produced ❤︎


Our production follows the Slow Fashion movement. We seek to produce only what we are actually going to sell, aiming to avoid production surplus. Being our production handcrafted and the prints made by us, we love and prefer to create personalized orders, in this way we can always offer unique and exclusive pieces. If you want to order something tailored to your body and style, don't hesitate to contact us! Visit our “Personalized Orders” section by clicking here.


As you can see through our social media accounts, we have an enormous diversity of prints, all of them protected by copyright. Some are authorial creations, which means, designed by us, others are licensed through partnerships with artists friends, or designers. The printing process is 100% done in our production atelier in Brazil, with ecological water-based ink and by the hands of my mother, Ana, and my godmother, Celinha ❤︎

ReUSED & RecYCLED MateriaLS 

Our shipments are made in cardboard boxes that we recycle from supermarkets, shoes shops and other commercial establishments, with the aim of giving them a new use instead of using new materials unnecessarily ❤︎

Upcycling/Zero Waste

The sewing scraps generated from our productions are reused for packaging, labels, and gifts developed to recycle these materials into something useful for our customers. We aim for the complete reuse of the waste generated by us, so even the smallest fabric pieces are being stored for future reuse or donations to other projects that will may give a new meaning to them. For those unfamiliar with the concept of Upcycling, in simple words its the act to transform existing materials into new products, thus avoiding their disposal as waste ❤︎

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