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 Shipping & Delivery Time 



IN STOCK garments: Items "In Stock" are located at our creative atelier in the Netherlands. These garments can be picked up at the atelier or shipped to any country in the world, instead of Brazil*.

MADE TO ORDER garments: "Made to Order" items are produced and shipped from our production atelier in Brazil to any country in the world, instead of Brazil*. 

*Purchases made on this website are not possible for residents in Brazil. Brazilian addresses arent accepted at the moment of checkout in our international website because we have an exclusive website only dedicated to people living in Brazil.

If you live in Brazil please shop Kuarashí ECO at our Brazilian website: ❤︎

shipping costs

Shipping costs vary according to the purchased item location. Below you will find a full description of how we ship our garments.

shipping costs for "in stock" garments


Kuarashí´s main goal is to produce only on demand, however, our production is located in Brazil and since we have our creative atelier in Europe, we opt to have a limited stock of pieces available for immediate shipment from the Netherlands. In this way, we can provide a lower shipping cost for our European customers. All the garments found on the “In Stock” page are located in the Netherlands and ready for worldwide shipping.

SHIPMENTS TO EU COUNTRIES: orders of "In Stock" garments shipped to European countries have a cheaper cost if compared with Non-EU countries. To ship to countries inside Europe, we use mostly the DHL shipping services, but due to the Covid-19 effects to the courier's companies around the world, nowadays our courier selection is based in the destination country, seeking to offer better prices and shipping times to our customers. We have the access to all the shipping rates (by country zone) of every courier company we work with, so we decide to make in this way due to the big prices and delivery times differences found between companies accordingly to the country destination. In this sense, the delivery options found in this website are programed for our customers to pay only the minimum delivery cost possible, which is the delivery cost shown at checkout. 

SHIPMENTS TO Non-EU COUNTRIES: for countries outside Europe "In Stock" garments are ship by the Dutch official postal services provider, PostTNL. Before Covid-19 we had a different way to send international parcels to outside Europe, based in the destination country, seeking to offer better prices and shipping times to our customers. Unfortunately, since the pandemic has started only PostNL kept reasonable prices for international shipment for countries outside Europe and we had to decide to send the parcels only by them while the other companies still have unusual higher prices for their Non-EU services.

shipping costs for "made to order" garments

"Made to Order" garments are shipped from Brazil to any country in the world by the Brazilian official postal services provider, Correios. This option is the cheapest option possible to ship Brazilian parcels abroad. Due to tax regulations, Brazil still doesn't offer reasonable options for E-commerce companies that make international sales like us, unfortunately is still quite expensive to ship international parcels from there to anywhere in the world. In this sense, we support our customers by covering 35% of the shipping cost of any international Kuarashí parcel sent from Brazil. For that, the shipping cost for "Made to Order" garments orders has a fixed price of 18 euros.

shipping costs for orders with both "in stock" & "made to order" garments

If you want to order both “In Stock” and “Made to Order” garments in the same purchase, please be aware that as mentioned above ALL "IN STOCK" GARMENTS are shipped from The Netherlands, where is located our creative atelier, and ALL "MADE TO ORDER" GARMENTS are shipped from Brazil, where is located our production atelier. You can order them in the same purchase without any problem, but PLEASE NOTE that if your order contains items shipped from both ateliers then two delivery costs will be added to the chart at the moment of checkout. 


"In Stock" garments can be picked up free of charge at our atelier located in the Netherlands. For this option select "Atelier pick up in the Netherlands" during the checkout. We will notify you by email when your order is ready for collection and schedule an appointment for your visit to the atelier.

**IMPORTANT: If you want to buy “In Stock” item(s) but your order also contains “Made to Order” garments, please be aware that as mentioned in this page ALL MADE TO ORDER GARMENTS are shipped from Brazil, where is located our production atelier. 

PRODUCTION TIME (made to order products)

Our normal production time of "Made to Order" garments may vary from 1 to 15 working days, although it can be shorter or longer, depending on the time of the year and/or the complexity of the order (in cases of personalised orders).



Delivery time of parcels vary according to the courier service and since the Covid-19 pandemic has started is a difficult thing to measure. For better tracking of your order, check its status through the tracking number provided by email. Below we indicate the page where the tracking can be done for any courier service. If by any chance your parcel is taking too long to be delivered, please contact us through the email informing "Delivery Delay" in the subject field of the message.

If there are extra unusual situations such as natural disasters, catastrophes, among others, the delivery time may change as well. 


Once your order(s) has been shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number(s) of the parcel(s). We will inform you by email which courier service is in charge of your delivery and its website for the tracking. Otherwise, there are some websites and apps for mobile phones which provide the tracking of almost all courier services around the world, as the one informed below:


You can track parcels from any courier service in the following web page:


DELAYED, LOST, OR DAMAGED PARCELS: sometimes packages can get delayed, lost, or damaged. We solve this matter of problems with the help of our carriers. Please note that this process can take some time so we ask for your patience during its resolution. However, if a parcel is confirmed as lost or too damaged we will send your order again. Please take in consideration that for "Made to Order" garments this means that we will need some time to produce your order again.

INCORRECT DATA: If you have accidentally informed us an incorrect shipping data, please get in touch immediately via chat or through the email indicating your order number + "Incorrect shipping data" in the subject field of the message. If your order has not yet been shipped we will then proceed to the data correction - otherwise, we will have to wait for its return and proceed to a new shipment, with shipping costs paid by the customer.

Do you have any questions? 

Please reach out to us through our Live Chat or Email: 

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