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Kuarashí is a Slow Fashion alternative & conscious ECOshop that was dreamed up and designed with the utmost respect for Gaia.

Our production is committed to practices that aim zero impact on the environment and the non-generation of waste. In this sense, we only produce with sustainable raw materials that respect both the human physical body and the Planetary body, as the living organism that it is. All materials that are part of our production are certified for being manufactured with auditable raw materials and processes of recognized effort within Textile Sustainability, such as:

- biodegradability on disposal;

- compostability;

- closed production cycles;

- natural fibers from organic agriculture;

- exemption from genetic modifications;

- non-use of toxic or harmful products to human health;

- traceability of production &

- reuse of textile waste.


Among the raw materials that make up our production, are materials:







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